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Collaboration and the Internet

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Email is not the only solution After the internet was created, and systems like email came to be, it was a logical step for the internet to be used for collaboration.  Groups of people working on the same document (or documents, files, etc) would keep some sort of email chain going, attempting to make sure […]

And no longer were children forced to follow Dewey’s ways… Gone are the days of needing to use the card catalog to find that last source for the upcoming term paper.  It happens, sure, and while books are still useful in certain situations for research, the internet has brought forth a whole new way in […]

Thing 4: Wikis

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Hands-On Exploring Wikipedia Described right on Wikipedia’s very own Wikipedia entry on itself, Wikipedia is a free, web-based, collaborative, multilingual encyclopedia project.  Wikipedia is built on the MediaWiki open source wiki software platform, designed to be easily editable so that anyone can contribute to the wiki.  MediaWiki, like most wiki software, abstracts the HTML coding […]

Thing 3: Social Networking

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Social Networking Social networks are quite the thing in today’s world.  Most people now are familiar with the subject, and most people use at least one of them.  More than 400 million people actively use Facebook, according to statistics found on the site.  With that many users, the sheer amount of information stored on Facebook […]

I’ve known about the micro-blogging service Twitter for some time now.  Whenever I hear the word “twitter” or “tweet”, or other such word in reference to the online service on a television program, I generally cringe.  I feel that news programs and other media outlets abuse and over exaggerate the importance and impact of new trends frequently, […]

Thing 1: Blogs

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Wikipedia: Blog After reading the Wikipedia article on blogs (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blog), most of which included information I was already aware of, I was surprised as to the amount of trouble and harm various bloggers have stumbled into because of their blogs or particular posts, comments, or statements they had made.  A few interesting bloggers and events mentioned […]

posting a picture

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This is a ribbon circle.  I know how to upload images to blog posts.

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