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And no longer were children forced to follow Dewey’s ways

Gone are the days of needing to use the card catalog to find that last source for the upcoming term paper.  It happens, sure, and while books are still useful in certain situations for research, the internet has brought forth a whole new way in which one may research any topic.  The internet has given everyone with internet-access the ability to learn or research any topic.

College students, through services their university and university libraries provide, may have access to a multitude of scholarly publications, news articles, books, and or resources through the internet.  Through the resources my university provides, I was able to find quite a few articles that were relevant to my upcoming paper.  I was able to find a directory by subject (Computer Science, Economics, etc.), but I chose to use LexisNexis Academic, an article database I am familiar with.  Just by entering in a few search terms, I was presented with a wide array of meaningful results.

Google Scholar is a search engine that indexes the full text of scholarly literature across an array of publishing formats and disciplines, according to Wikipedia.  Using Google Scholar is as simple as using Google, the search engine everyone and their mother knows how to use.  After inputting your query, Google Scholar presents a list of results.  These results include a title, a brief description, a link to where this article resides, and if the article is freely available Google with display a direct download link right within the results.

The internet has allowed for the access of a seemingly infinite amount of information available to most anyone at almost any location.  With the onset of scholarly databases, and other outlets for the storing and searching of documents and other articles, it is now possible for someone to search through thousands or more sources with just a few keystrokes.


One Response to “Thing 5: Using the Web for Research”

  1. justine on May 26th, 2010 2:24 pm

    Its true that printed books have become nearly obsolete in the world of the internet. However, I think it is a little far fetched to say that books no longer hold a candle to what we find on the internet. Many professors demand a minimum number of books to be used for sources on a research paper. I honestly prefer using books because they hold more information and it seems more useful for certain research papers, such as history. The internet makes it easy to find some articles on topics, but a majority of the time I find better sources in books.