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Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a pretty interesting idea.  Share your common thoughts, interests, fascinations, and discoveries — not through discussion, but through bookmarks.  Tag your bookmarks with appropriate terms, search for bookmarks other people have found interesting enough to add to their collections.  Through services like Delicious it’s really easy to both share and find bookmarks.  Instead of googling the entire internet, you can search through specific terms for sites that people have already approved (to some extent).  Some of these “things” I doubt I’ll ever take part in, but this is one that would not be too much of stretch; I don’t think it would cause me to lose any sleep at night (see: Twitter).


Tagging has really spread throughout various aspects of the internet.  It’s useful in blogging, micro-blogging, and it’s even useful for bookmarking.  You can never really guess what a bookmark’s title will be, but if you tag it right, you can easily search through your own bookmarks (for some bookmark you just can’t quite remember the title of) or through others, to find new resources or relevant experiences on the web.  It’s sort of like a self-indexing feature that’s not exactly required — but if you’re bookmarking, you’re probably tagging.

I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to join the social bookmarking escapade.  I use Google Chrome, and it has a nice built-in feature to sync my bookmarks (and store them in my Google Documents), it gives me a nice backup feature without the need for extensions and without making bookmarking any more trouble than it should be.  A good bit of my bookmarks are just favicons (the little website icons), no text, just a symbol that has some relevance to the website (i.e. Gmail, my bank, that sort of thing).  These are bookmarks I don’t even use much anymore, as Chrome has a really nice toolbar, I don’t have to type much to go to the right website.  Off to the side i have a folder with a few different categories, How-To’s, maybe categories for current classes, and a few different categories for computer science.  Now that I think about it, I might benefit from something like Delicious, as when I work on a project I often build up 10+ bookmarks for a single subject.  It would be nice to not feel like I need to “clean out” my bookmarks when it bulks up, as they can’t really bulk up when they’re easily tagged, sorted, and searchable, all online.  What happens when I regret deleting that important site?  What if I never have to find out?

Side note — Delicious is a pretty cool name for a website, and for a website based on a simple premise (sharing bookmarks), it has a pretty nice design and functionality. I like it.


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