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I’ve used forums before, and I’m pretty familiar with how they work.  phpBB, vBulletin, it’s all fairly simple.  Log in, find a thread, read, reply.  There are forums out there for any and every subject you could think of.  With a quick Google search I was able to find a forum directory–Forum Finder–that seems to work well.  Forums are a nice way for people with common interests to share information (i.e. talk about cars, music, television, life), or for people to share media (there are a lot of not-so-legal music boards out there), and also for people to work together on various projects.  Forums are a great place for Q&A styled discussions, as its easy for people to post questions and anyone (depending on how the forum works) can reply and help that person out.  The forum’s I’ve used before include TSS, a music form, and androidForums, a forum with a lot of information about the Android mobile OS.

Google Groups

Google Groups is a service hosted by Google, providing users with a rich way to discuss anything online or through email.  Within a group, you can have multiple discussions, create your own customizable web pages, and share files.  It’s also fairly easy to drill down through topics to find new discussion groups, or to use the search feature and find groups based on what you’re interested in.  I’ve never really used Google Groups as a web board, for the sake of using that board, but I have wound up on Google Groups on more than one occasion.  There’s a lot of useful information that can be found on Google Groups (and it’s not a coincidence that there is also a lot of groups), so it’s easy to find myself on there when I am looking for information or trying to solve a problem. So, while forums & web boards aren’t as exciting or dynamic as some of the “Things” we’ve covered, they definitely have potential to be great sources of information and discussion, and they can be useful to anyone.  There are a great number of forums and discussion groups out there, so if you’re looking to contribute information, help solve a problem, or get a problem solved, you should be able to find a group that can help you out.


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